Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Johnny Cash Doggy Dog

I can't imagine my reaction if, in the early days of West Coast stylee, someone had told me:

"You will work for a large company that makes products that you can't hold in your hand. This company will tape performances of LA gangsta rappers in furtherance of the sale of luxury automobiles designed for soccer moms. Snoop Dog will offer props to the legendary country artist Johnny Cash and then bust his own twangy country rhyme replete with slide guitar. A black man named Obama will run against the wife of a philandering ex-President for the highest office in the land"

I am living in the future -- and it is sicker than I ever could have imagined. Sheitz, my iPhone rocks the Star Trek communicator hands down. As if you needed proof, here's our Live Sets taping of Snoop's down-home chicken and waffles country jam:

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Steve said...

Mick O and I were cranking this in the office the day it released. I wish I could say it was really good, but it sure is cool.